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If you want to rank higher, all you need to do is just call us. Let our SEO experts analyze your website. With over 10 years of experience, SEO SERVICES delivers premium SEO services that truly work! Rank locally or internationally, we do it all and we do it the best in CANADA, USA & UK.


Get Higher Rankings with Our Calgary SEO Company

The best way to improve your results, get more leads, and grow your business is to hire a Calgary SEO company. How do we know? We’ve been there. Advanced SEO strategies are what we do best, and we’re 100% dedicated to making sure your business does well and your leads go through the roof. At SEO SERVICES DIGITAL, we’ve worked with more than 500 businesses in Canada, and the goal for each of them is to rank on the first page. Many of them are there already, and others are almost there. SEO is easy to understand, but it’s not always easy to use. This is where our SEO experts can help. On average, the number of leads that come from online sources for our clients goes up by more than 400%.

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Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about your goals for digital marketing. Find out how our tactics and services in SEO, PPC, paid ads, social media, digital PR, content marketing, web development, UX design, and much more can help you take your online presence to the next level.

Are You Thinking About Calgary SEO? You should be

If you own a local business in Calgary and want it to do well on Google and online, it’s no secret that you need to use SEO correctly. SEO in Calgary isn’t any different. Especially if you want more people who live near you. You might not know this, but a lot of Calgary SEO companies are stuck in the past. We are proud to keep up with what is new and what works.

If you use this method for search engine optimization, you shouldn’t be surprised if your business grows quickly. Often, the missing part of a business is the thing that makes all the difference. Read on, and we’ll try to explain why SEO is important in Calgary. What SEO services do we suggest and offer in Calgary? Here are some things to think about before you choose an SEO company.

At SEO SERVICES, we use tried-and-true SEO Calgary optimization methods that help local businesses get more traffic, customers, and money. Because of this, most of our customers have been with us for more than 5 years and are happy to recommend our digital marketing firm. Check out some of the Google reviews and video recommendations for Marketing Blitz. Get a free SEO audit and advice by getting in touch with us.

Why Do You Need SEO Services in Calgary?

Simple answer. Every market in Calgary is getting busier and competitive as the city grows. Yours will, even if it hasn’t yet. So, if you want to keep getting new customers, it’s a very good idea to use our smart SEO to improve your online profile.

What worked for SEO in Calgary five years ago isn’t likely to work now. And if we help you get to the top, don’t make the mistake of ignoring SEO and letting someone else who wants to be successful take your spot.  Businesses that go above and beyond always find ways to get leads. We know what it takes to make that happen, from choosing the right keywords to writing material that Google likes. There are different plans for all of this, and they change all the time. Our team has its finger on the SEO pulse in Calgary.

As the search engines rank your business better, you can expect big changes. All of this in a safe way. We know what to do and what not to do to stay out of problems with SEO. This can be a big deal. To get the best and most leads, you need to be near the top of the first page of Google. SEO in Calgary is a proven way to get there. It’s what we’re really good at, and we love doing it.

Contact us to set up a free consultation.  We can help you learn how we can help you with digital marketing in Calgary, increase the number of leads you get, improve the user experience, promote your brand, services, or products through our Social Media Management packages, or grow your audience and lead generation on Google through our Google Ads Management packages.  Schedule a free appointment now.

Work with the Best SEO Company

As your Calgary SEO company, we always look at how your campaign is doing so we can make small changes to our plans and keep getting you the results you want. Our designers, consultants, and content creators who have won awards will work together to make a strategy that brings in a lot of traffic, leads, and rankings. If your situation changes, we’ll quickly adapt our method to your new goals so that your business can continue to grow. We’ll keep looking at new strategies and putting them to use while handling your campaign, so you’ll always rank higher and sell more than your competitors.

By getting SEO services from our top marketing firm, you’ll have more time to run your business better. Don’t worry about your Calgary SEO anymore; our team will handle your growth for you. We also make websites that look great.

  • You don’t have to sign a contract or pay any set-up costs.
  • You always have access to a personal account manager.
  • We produce results and performance-driven strategies
  • Get access to our entire creative and marketing team.
  • We’ll audit, analyze, and keep improving your strategy.
  • We’ll also keep up with changes to SEO and invest in ongoing training.

We Guarantee First Page Rankings for Calgary SEO

We keep up with Google’s always-changing algorithms to make sure that the right marketing approach keeps your rankings moving in the right direction. Did you know that Google’s ranking system looks at more than 200 factors? From the speed of your site to the number of words on it and everything in between, we figure out what is most important and what will work for your business. Then, we come up with a plan to get you to the top and keep you there. If you’ve never heard of SEO, if you’ve been trying to do your own marketing, or if your last company made you suspicious, we’ll meet you where you are and give you the best SEO tips and tricks. Work with Calgary’s best SEO company right now!


SEO Calgary: The 9 Steps Optimization Process to Boost Your Busniess

Website SEO Optimization

Making sure that the content, images, and videos on Google are better for searches done by people in Calgary, Canada. Among these are, Meta Tags: Analysis of H1, H2, and H3; URL-Friendly Internal Linking; Web Pages Content Optimization, Image Optimization

Content Marketing

Google and Bing always want more and better information on websites and blogs. There used to be a time when old, overused, or copied work was okay. We know what SEO Brampton, SEO Calgary, and SEO Toronto need in terms of content marketing, and our team is great at putting it together.

Technical Seo

Clearing up metadata problems, lost links, and a lot more can do a lot for your website's SEO, letting Google and other search engines find it and put it on the first page.

Brand Awareness

We look into the relevant industry and find answers to all the important questions about building a good digital image and authority for your brand in your niche. We find out who your dream customers are and how your brand can help them find you.

Local Search Optimization

From your Google My Business page to the top local business directories to keeping an eye on your local reviews and much more, we do everything it takes to make sure your local businesses perform like powerhouses locally with all the SEO Optimization.

Competition Monitoring

We look at the local SEO keywords that your competitors are using, see where they rank on Google and Bing, and keep track of their new content and links so that you can stay ahead of them. This lets us give our customers material that is competitive and well researched.

Mobile Search Optimization

Mobile Search Optimization is important for your business's SEO because more people than ever are looking for services on their phones.

Regular Internal Website Audits

An crucial SEO tool for determining how well your website is doing and identifying any issues that need to be addressed right away.


Our Calgary SEO Services

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO entails enhancing your website’s front end. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “content is king,” it’s because on-page content optimization is crucial in expressing the expertise, authority, and trustworthiness that Google seeks.

User Experience

Our approach to on-page SEO includes optimizing the user experience. Landing pages should be concise, intuitive, and appealing, with effective calls to action throughout. More conversions result from excellent UX.

Unique Content

In addition to offering value to clients, your content must be well-written, error-free, and well optimized for keywords. We avoid duplicate content, keyword stuffing, and other activities that Google may punish in all circumstances.

Keyword Utilization

Keywords should appear in the headers, throughout the text, and in the titles and meta descriptions. Appropriate keyword research guarantees that we target the terms that your clients actively seek.

Crosslinking Strategy

Crosslinking between relevant landing pages or topic cluster pages on your site is an effective crosslinking approach. The anchor text should always be a relevant keyword from the connected page.


Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is the only major component of search engine optimization that does not require making modifications to your website directly. These off-page strategies aid in the growth of your site’s domain authority. When other respectable websites link to your company, search engines interpret this as an indication of your quality and authority.

Guest Blogging

The most prevalent and valuable type of link-building is guest posting. Our writers create long-form blog entries that appeal to a broad audience. These pieces are then sent to high domain authority guest blogging sites.

Social Media

Social media networks are great for increasing brand identity and recognition, but they can also aid in SEO. We make certain that your NAP (name, address, phone number) is consistent across all accounts and, of course, provide a link to your website.

Forums & Infographics

Forum posting and infographic submissions are included in our advanced SEO packages. Posting to forums provides an important backlink, and infographics are more entertaining than a typical blog.


Local SEO

We collaborate with many local businesses around Canada, particularly in Calgary. Our efforts in local SEO ensure that our clients rank locally in Calgary. When customers search for ‘companies near me,’ Google returns a list of the most nearby and relevant business listings, and we can get you on that list.

Google My Business

As part of your SEO plan, one of the first things we look at and enhance is your Google My Business listing. Your GMB listing gives customers a picture of your company and appears in Google's map listings.

Local Keywords & Landing Pages

When you want to rank for certain cities or areas, we make sure to refine and focus our keyword study. In some cases, we may suggest more landing pages that are designed for certain places.

Local Citations

Consumers can use local citations and directories to find the best restaurants, hardware shops, lawyers, etc. in their area. Citations and listings are often at the top of search engine results pages, so it's a good idea to get your name on one of those lists.


Technical SEO

At SEO SERVICES, we have a team of experienced developers whose job it is to make sure that the websites of our customers meet the needs of search engines, especially Google. Technical SEO is everything that has to do with making it easier for search engines to find, crawl, and index web sites.

Page Speed

The speed of a page is one of the most important things that affect technical SEO. Google knows that the speed at which pages load is important to the general user experience. We look at your site's number for things like "first contentful paint," "largest contentful paint," and more.


When Google or other search engines crawl your site, they look for mistakes like wrong links, duplicate content, and missing metadata. We first look at your site to see if it has any of the above, and then we work to get rid of them.

Website Architecture

Technical SEO takes into account how your site is set up, from the individual pages to the site map as a whole. We look at how your site is set up and make changes if they are needed.

Site Security

We know that you care about data security for your own reasons, but Google also thinks it is an important thing for websites to have. We use HTTPS to make sure that the site is as safe and private as possible.

The Power of Calgary SEO

Why do I need SEO? We get asked this question a lot. Many companies ask us if SEO is really worth the money it takes to get to the top spot on Google, which is where everyone wants to be. Take this fact about spontaneous click-through rates into account. Backlinko says that about 32% of Google clicks go to the #1 result, so think about what an increase in traffic from search engine optimization Calgary could do for your total number of leads.

SEO is something we like to think of as an investment for the long run. There is no way to get rich quickly in life or in SEO. We use strategies that work and that Google will praise, not punish. Customers who have been with us since the beginning are the ones who really know what our services are worth. If you need an SEO service in Toronto, you can also get in touch with SEO SERVICES Marketing Toronto.

Review's Of Clients


Before you decide to hire a Search Engine Optimization or Internet Marketing Agency, we want you to read our client reviews. Our expert team is also ready to answer your questions and talk with you about how our services can help your business grow.

Since they worked on our site, our traffic has gone up by 64%, and they moved a number of keywords that we were not ranking well for to the first page. During the time we’ve worked with SEOServices.Digital, our keywords have moved up an average of 56 places. Some of the things they’ve made for us have been shared more than 200 times on social media. I highly suggest their SEO because it has helped our business a lot and they have been very professional to work with.

John Smith



“Within the first two months of working with SEOServices.Digital, our organic traffic went up by 100% and our sales went up by the most. More importantly, SEOServices.Digital keeps track of all work through Basecamp, where I can make sure that no blackhat SEO is being done. For long-term growth of organic traffic and to avoid getting banned because of “blackhat” SEO work, it’s important to be able to check that the SEO work being done meets Google’s Quality Guidelines. I haven’t seen this level of honesty and skill from many other SEO businesses. We want to follow Google’s rules, and SEOServices.Digital doesn’t cut corners.


MIley Cyrus



“I’ve tried about 5 SEO firms in the past, and most of them let me down. SEOServices.Digital did not. Even though we are an Australian business that mostly compares and rents cars in Australia, we hired SEOServices.Digital to help us improve the SEO of our websites in the United States and the United Kingdom. They built links from websites about cars and travel and gave us advice to help us get through the scary Google Panda update. They not only helped our foreign sister sites, but they also accidentally helped our Australian car rental sites. I would suggest SEOServices.Digital  to both small start-ups and big organizations because the prices are reasonable and can be adjusted. If you’re not sure about them, just read their blog, which is the best in the business, or talk to me so I can convince you myself.”

Thomas Walter



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